Brownwood VLA Campus
COVID-19 Response Guide

Victory Life Academy is committed to ensuring student safety, and we are taking precautions with cleaning and sanitizing as next school year approaches. Rest assured, our goal is to remain on site with safety procedures in place so students are able to experience minimal disruptions to their environment. Victory Life Academy is looking forward to partnering with parents and students next year!


  1. Parents will screen daily using the provided screening checklist. Separate checklists should be used for each student.
  2. Answering “yes” to any of the questions means the student should remain off-site.
  3. Parents who send their child to school are certifying that he/she is healthy.
  4. Student temperature will be taken at the door as mandated by the governor.
  5. Staff will screen themselves and in doing so are certifying they are healthy.


  1. Students and staff will wear masks as mandated by the governor. At this time, students who are ten-years-old or younger do not have to wear masks. The teachers of these students have the option to wear one but may choose not to wear a mask.
  2. Isolation Room: Any student or staff member who exhibits a fever of 100 degrees will be instantly isolated in a predetermined isolation room and immediately sent home.
  3. Classmates will be moved to a different location in the building until sanitation is completed when a student has a temperature of 100 or higher.
  4. After being sent home, a student or staff member cannot return to school until one of the following criteria is met:
    Without COVID testing, the student or staff member must not be present at school for fourteen days. (This includes weekends.)
    b.     After a negative COVID test, the student or staff member can return to the campus after three days of being fever free with no fever reducing medication.
    c.     The positive case classroom students will be in distance learning for fourteen days while being quarantined. If the student has siblings, the siblings must also be quarantined.
    d.     The student will be counted present when digital learning is utilized and will meet with campus educators online for assistance with assignments as needed.


  1. The administration will consult with the Brown County Health Department to begin contact tracing.
  2. All staff will be advised of the positive case and will work with children online as needed.
  3. All parents will be advised of the positive case.
  4. The administration will thoroughly sanitize the classroom.
  5. If the attendance of campus learners reaches a 50% absenteeism rate, all students will go to distance learning for fourteen days. The count starts on the first day of distance learning.

Teachers will:
*Maximize classroom space.
*Utilize one directional seating in all classrooms that do not have round tables.
*Disinfect all toys, door handles, faucet handles, desks, tables, etc. daily.
* Keep students with their homeroom classes all day.
*Tell students they are not to share supplies.

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