05: Athletic Eligibility

VLA Athletics Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of athletics at VLA is to fully equip students to be successful in life. Therefore, the athletic program is an integral part of the Victory Life Academy educational experience. For students at VLA this happens in the classroom and on the field or court. We recognize that student-athletes are much better equipped to face the challenges that come and after they graduate.

VLA Athletics Statement of Philosophy:

Working with teachers and parents to use athletics as part of the process of teaching students to live Christ-Centered lives in volatile environments. The program should be a rallying point for students, faculty and alumni, while enhancing educational values. It is not about making championship teams, it is about making championship boys and girls that are forever strong.

VLA Athletics Core Values:
At VLA we believe that Interscholastic athletics is an excellent venue in which to teach life lessons and reinforce Biblical Truth in students. Competition in athletics can teach students how to handle difficult and adverse life situations in a way that is God-honoring. We emphasize in athletics that focusing on Christ is the only way to overcome adversity.

The following core values will guide all our athletic programs and standards:

  • Integrity – doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do
  • Discipline – willingness to do the difficult tasks that lead to success
  • Accountability- being answerable to one another to get the job done
  • Pride – being proud of who you are and who you represent
  • Competitive – having a fierce will to win
  • Relentless – never giving up or giving in despite the odds
  • Unity – feeling a sense of oneness like we are all in this together


Victory Life Academy is a member of the Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship. TCAF is our sanctioning organization for all athletics competitions for grades 9 – 12. VLA pays membership dues and meets all criteria to participate in TCAF events. For more information, visit http://www.tcafellowship.com. Every two years, districts are organized, and schedules set according to TCAF parameters. No parent or student should ever attempt to contact the TCAF office without going through the Victory Life Athletic Department. All questions concerning eligibility, rules, regulations or policies can be answered by the school administration.

Player Eligibility

Victory Life Academy’s membership in TCAF enables us to include homeschoolers for participation in athletics. Homeschoolers must abide by the academic policy to be eligible for play. Each team may have a maximum of 25% of their total roster as homeschool athletes. TCAF also allows students to “play-up” one grade level to complete a team. This can be a 6th grader that “plays-up” on the Junior High (7th-8th) team or an 8th grader that “plays-up” on the High school (9th-12th) team. These decisions will always be made with the parents and with great consideration to safety.

Multiple Sports

A student in good standing, without an ineligibility the previous semester, may participate in one team sport and one individual sport during the same season; or the student may participate in two individual sports during the same season. Individual sports include cross country, track & field, golf, and tennis. A student may not play two team sports during the same season.

Sports Fees

Each sport will have a participation fee that must be paid by the sign-up date for each season. These fees will ensure that athletes have proper uniforms, opportunities for competition, equipment, athletic training services (for sports when necessary). Please make payments to the school office.

Academic Eligibility

Victory Life expects its athletes to be leaders in their church, school, and community. Students must be present four (4) periods to participate that day. Participating in extracurricular activities is a privilege based on the student’s academic performance and classroom conduct. With that in mind, a Victory Life Academy high school’s student’s eligibility will be governed in the following manner:

  1. Each student begins the school year with full academic eligibility unless there are academic matters from the previous school year that are unresolved, e. summer courses (semester failures made up).
  2. At the end of each 9-week grading period, grades are reviewed and any student with one (1) grade below 70 will be declared academically ineligible. Ineligibility begins on the day after the end of 9-week grades are posted to RenWeb. The ineligible student remains ineligible for a 4.5 week period. Typically, this takes place at 4:00 PM on a
  3. At the end of the three-week period, all grades will be reviewed and if the student has a 70 or better, the student will regain his/her This determination will be made on Tuesdays (after grades are updated on Monday). If the review shows a continued failure, the ineligibility will remain in effect.
  4. Each week forward the review continues and the student will either regain his/her eligibility or remain ineligible based on the grades attained (Tuesday to Tuesday).
  5. If a student is unable to regain their eligibility by the end of the present grading period, he/she will remain ineligible three weeks (first three (3) weeks of the new grading period), with grades to be re-evaluated to determine eligibility
  6. An ineligible student may not practice, suit up, travel, or participate with his/her respective team or
  7. If a student has incomplete(s) when eligibility is checked, he/she will remain ineligible until the incomplete(s) are
  8. Eligibility lost for conduct will follow the process outlined The principal working with the Athletic Director may declare a student ineligible based on student conduct. The student’s eligibility will be determined by the principal, and notification will be sent to the student, parents, and coaches.

Disciplinary Procedure

Student athletes are bound to the same rules outlined in the VLA student handbook. Anything that would not be allowed during the school day is not allowed during games or practices. A student that is ejected from a contest is subject to further punishment determined by the coach and Athletic Director. The student is also responsible for any fines issued by TCAF in response to being ejected from a contest.

Delayed Arrival Times

A student arriving after 11:00 PM the night before a school day because of participating in a school function may be excused from first period but must be on time for second period. A student arriving after 12:00 AM the night before a school day because of participating in a school function may be excused from first and second period but must be on time for third period. All assignments, quizzes, and tests are due the next time the class meets.


For team travel, the following are rules concerning the safety and testimony of our students and school:

  1. The school provides transportation, and the student is required to travel with his/her team to the event
  2. A student may travel home with his/her parents after the game if the student has received permission from the head
  3. Traveling home with someone else’s parents is permitted with notification from the student’s
  4. No one is permitted to travel home with friends or other
  5. A student traveling home with the team will be picked up at the main VLA parking lot.
  6. An estimated time of arrival will be given to the As a courtesy to our coaches, please pick up your student on time.
  7. Overnight trips may occur during a team’s These trips are pre-planned, and the student and parent will be informed of the arrangements and costs before tryouts.
  8. Overnight trips due to playoff games or state tournaments are a possibility for every sport, and the student and parents should understand this potential added cost while considering Cost to the student on these trips will include meals, hotel room, and possibly transportation.
  9. Rules, guidelines, hotel information, and directions will be posted on the team page of the VLA
  10. If a student does not arrive on time to ride with the team, the parent will be responsible to transport the student to the Riding with the team is mandatory.
  11. Non-team member students may not ride the team
  12. Behavior that threatens the safety of the team may result in an athlete’s removal from the

Quitting a Sport

Once a commitment has been made to a team and a coach, VLA believes it is important for that student to honor that commitment. No student should ever quit a team except regarding medical or family situations. The following guidelines will take place if a student chooses to quit a team or sport:

  1. A meeting will take place between the player, varsity head coach and the Athletic Director. If a player decides to stop attending practice, the coach will contact the parents and arrange an exit interview for that
  2. Any student who quits a sport at any time during the season will lose any awards he/she may have earned up to that
  3. The student will not be ineligible to begin the next sport until the season of the team he/she has quit is
  4. The student will not be able to join another team that is in-season.
  5. The student may not participate in off-season with another sport, until the season of the team he/she has quit is
  6. Once a student quits a sport, he/she is ineligible to return to that sport until the next
  7. The coaching staff will be informed of any student who quits a sport and will retain the right to use that information in evaluating the student for participation in another
  8. The Athletic Department reserves the right to review each case and determine if the student should be allowed to participate in any other sports for that school


A student must attend school a minimum of four (4) hours to be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities for that day.

Make-up Work

Students must follow the procedure set forth in the VLA Student Handbook. There are no special considerations for athletes or performers. Our faculty is very supportive of the athletic and fine arts departments and will work with students to make up their work.


All uniforms and equipment issued by VLA are property of VLA and must be returned at the conclusion of each individual sports season. Students may not participate in another sport until all issued uniforms and equipment has been returned to the coach for that sport.

*Sports are available based upon an adequate number of eligible participants. The Athletic Director reserves the right to cancel any sport on a year-to-year basis based on the number of participants.

VLA Athletic Department Athlete Code of Conduct

  1. Athletes are expected to accept responsibility for their behavior and its consequences.
  2. Athletes should self-report any involvement in any type of misconduct (illegal, academic or social, on or off campus)
  3. Athletes are expected to maintain academic integrity and honesty.
    • Be prepared for class and attentive to instruction
    • Inform teachers of upcoming absences due to athletics
    • Be prepared to turn in assignments prior to the absence
  4. Athletes will not use profanity or questionable No trash talking will be tolerated. “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.” Ephesians 4:29
  5. Athletes will address coaches and officials with Athletes will address coaches as “Coach”. Athletes will address officials as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.
  6. Athletes will address concerns or complaints with their coach Divisive speech or behavior will not be tolerated.
  7. Athletes will not criticize coaches or Both are considered authority figures. Obedience to authority is not optional and is not conditional on whether you agree with it. Disobedience to authority is disobedience to God, as all authority is God-given.
  8. Athletes are expected to help promote a family atmosphere by developing good relationships with their teammates and If sports become all about you, then you do not have the right attitude and need not participate. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12
  9. Athletes are expected to develop good relationships with their classmates and Athletes are ambassadors of our athletic program not only to other schools, but also within our own walls.
  10. Athletes are expected to develop good relationships with students from other Opponents on the court are still our brothers and sisters in Christ. Treat students from other schools with respect and a kind heart.
  11. Athletes will allow the love of God to motivate their actions and strive for victory in order to glorify “…do all to the Glory of God.” I Corinthians
  12. Athletes will demonstrate Christ in their lives by abiding by the rules of the game in letter and in spirit. Unfair “gamesmanship” will not be
  13. Athletes will be committed to excellence in all areas of faith, practice, academics and game preparation. Pursuing excellence is a form of
  14. Athletes will maintain good standing with the administration, faculty, staff and
  15. Athletes will meet all eligibility
  16. Athletes will know and understand all requirements outlined by their coach and will follow them both in action and in
  17. Athletes will show respect for all coaches and staff, as well as their game plans, methods and philosophies.
  18. Athletes will show respect for their teammates by attending all practices, meetings, and games as prescribed at the beginning of the season and by working together to accomplish a common
  19. Athletes will adhere to the strictest interpretations of the school dress code and uniform codes established by
  20. Athletes will never engage in fighting. Athletes will maintain self-control at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties will not be tolerated and can result in suspension or dismissal from the
  21. Athletes will understand the philosophy of Victory Life Academy, and that they represent themselves, their families, their school, their church and their Lord and Savior. Athletes will respect the effects of their speech and “He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.” I John 2:6

VLA Athletic Department Parent Code of Conduct

  1. Parents will not use profanity or questionable No trash talking will be tolerated.
  2. Parents will be positive and encouraging, uplifting their student and Parents should stress the importance and benefits of being part of a team.
  3. Parents will not criticize coaches or officials. Both are considered authority figures. If you are “bad mouthing” your child’s coaches or officials, you cannot expect your child to play for or respect these Obedience to authority is not optional and is not conditional on whether you agree with it. Disobedience to authority is disobedience to God, as all authority is God-given.
  4. Parents will instruct their children to address coaches and officials with Their coaches should be addressed as “Coach”, and officials should be addressed as “Sir” or “Ma-am”. Parents will also use these titles in the presence of their students when referring to coaches or officials.
  5. Parents will not be involved in negative Parents will not boo or shout at officials. Parents will not participate in negative chants against the opposing crowds or players. All these actions set a bad example for our children and do not fit into VLA’s mission.
  6. Parents will not speak negatively around students or other parents about the school, or the church. A negative atmosphere can be contagious, but a positive atmosphere can also be contagious. We get to create the atmosphere that we want in this environment, so let’s create a positive one. Without Victory Life Church there is no Victory Life Negative speech about either entity demonstrates ignorance, arrogance and an ungrateful heart.
  7. Parents will not speak negatively about other students or Parents will only speak to other parents about their own students. Parents will speak to other students only in an encouraging manner. If something needs to be addressed about another student’s behavior, bring it to the school administration.
  8. Parents should never criticize their child’s teammates. Such speech is contradictory to the team attitude we are trying to establish and teaches students to make excuses for their performances, instead of encouraging them to work hard to achieve their
  9. Parents will always address differences with coaches out of sight and earshot of students and other Parents will call to set an appointment so that they can speak with the coach privately.
  10. Parents will let their actions be motivated by God’s love for
  11. Parents will use winning as a tool to teach their students, not as a deciding factor for their success.
  12. Parents will teach their students to abide by the rules of the game, and that unfair “gamesmanship” will not be
  13. Parents will keep a consistent philosophy between athletics and home If an action would not be acceptable off the court, it shouldn’t be acceptable on the court.
  14. Parents will find a way to be involved in their child’s sport, not by trying to affect what happens on the playing field, but by volunteering their time and
  15. Parents will maintain class and character, remembering that every action reflects upon themselves, their family, VLA, VLC, and ultimately the
  16. Parents will always instruct their children to follow Coaches depend on a player’s ability to follow orders immediately and without question. Parents should advise their children to raise questions at the appropriate time, such as at practice or after a game.
  17. Parents will remain in the stands and never attempt to approach the field, court, bench area, press box, score table or the officials before, during or after a Parents may visit with the coach briefly after a game.
  18. Parents will be modest in victory and gracious in
  19. Parents will develop relationships with the coaches, getting to know them and praying for Parents will communicate with them using an open heart and mind.
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