18: Class Trip Policy

Class Trip Approval: The class trip sponsor gathers all necessary information concerning the proposed class trip.  A written proposal is then presented to the administration. This person verifies that the proposed dates do not conflict with any other scheduled school activities. Approval or denial of the proposed date is returned to the class sponsor.  The class sponsor then presents the proposal, with the approved dates indicated, to administration.  The proposal is then reviewed by the administrative team members.  If approved, it is then sent to the school board for approval.  At all steps, the class sponsor is kept informed.  If a step is denied, then it is returned to the class sponsor indicating the reasons denied.  After the reasons denied have been addressed, it may then be resubmitted to administration and the approval process begins again.

Class Trip Sponsors:     

  • All sponsors must be approved by the administration
  • A staff representative from VLA will accompany both trips.

Class Trip Itinerary:  The class sponsor must submit a detailed itinerary before leaving on their trip. (i.e. – flight, hotel, contact information, etc…)

Fund Raising for Class Trips:  Students are encouraged to begin raising funds for their class trip prior to the year the trip will be taken.  Classes may raise money by conducing VLA approved fund raisers. 

Student Participation:  Monies raised from class fund raisers will be used for the designated class trip. Individual credit will be assessed by individual student participation in the fund raiser, (i.e., if a student does not participate in a fund raiser, he/she will not receive credit for that fund raiser).  Students who have had excessive or repeated disciplinary actions must be approved by the administration to participate in their class trip. In addition, students who violate VLA or class trip rules may be sent home prior to the completion of the trip. Parents will be charged any additional costs associated with sending the student home early.

Cost of Trip: If sufficient funds are not raised to cover the cost of the desired trip, the trip itinerary could be adjusted to meet the funds raised. Adjustments to the itinerary must be approved by the administration. Students may be required to pay a deposit to secure their place on a trip. Students may incur out of pocket cash above funds raised, for the following: 1) shortage in student account to cover trip costs and 2) personal spending money, as desired. 

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