19: Curriculum Policy

All curriculum used by Victory Life Academy shall be consistent with the purpose, goals, and objectives of the academy. No curriculum shall espouse concepts contrary to Victory Life Academy’s Statement of Faith & Philosophy of Christian Education.

Victory Life Academy uses a variety of curricula throughout the various grade levels.  Curriculum is reviewed periodically to ensure that the needs of the students are met and also that college entrance requirements are met for the high school student.  Adjustments to the curriculum will be made as deemed necessary to give each student the best Christian education possible.

The curriculum selection process shall be made by the Curriculum Committee.

The Curriculum Committee shall make its curriculum recommendations in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Current curriculum will be evaluated to determine if it is fulfilling the stated goals of instruction and meeting the current academic needs of the student.
  • When a curriculum need is identified, the committee shall research and evaluate various curricula including curricula recommended by teachers.
  • From this evaluation process, the committee shall select curriculum they deem best adheres to VLA’s Philosophy of Education & Statement of Faith and will most effectively serve the instruction of the student in the academic area being evaluated.
  • The committee will then submit an evaluation back to the superintendent for a decision.
  • Any curriculum in question shall be submitted to the VLA Advisory Board for final approval.
  • Curriculum chosen and approved by the administration will be used by all teachers. However, supplemental material may be added to enhance the curriculum according to student need.

Use of curriculum which does not meet VLA’s curriculum standards must be submitted to the superintendent.

  • Argumentation must be given to show how the questionable curriculum shall be taught to compensate for its failure to meet the appropriate standards.
  • Non-conforming curriculum must be taught in a manner that conforms to VLA’s Philosophy of Christian Education & Statement of Faith.
  • Steps to teach non-conforming curriculum.
    • The Word must be integrated into the curriculum.
    • The teacher is to define the areas of non-conformation and present the truth as supported by VLA’s Philosophy of Christian Education & Statement of Faith.
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