17: Transportation of Students & Private Vehicle Policy

Victory Life Academy administration believes that the safety of students is an utmost priority.  Policy and procedures have been established to ensure the safety of students when they are being transported in VLA vehicles or volunteer/parent vehicles.  VLC and VLA vehicles are routinely maintained to ensure vehicles are working properly. All vehicles are insured in accordance with the state of Texas standards.  

School vehicles owned by Victory Life Academy or Victory Life Church are utilized for field trips and athletic events.  Should other means of transportation be needed, staff vehicles and/or parent volunteer vehicles may be used with administration approval.  In order to transport students in private vehicles all staff and parent volunteer drivers must:

  • Have a copy of a current driver’s license on file in the office-updated yearly.
  • Have current state mandated insurance coverage for their vehicle and a copy of insurance verification on file in the school office- updated yearly.
  • Have a current Private Vehicle Driver’s Agreement on file in the school office- updated yearly.

Guidelines for Transporting Students:

  1. Cell Phone Use: Drivers transporting VLA students may not use a cell phone or other personal portable electronic device while operating any vehicle transporting students.
  2. Cell Phone Use: Deviation form the above two regulations are exempt in the case of an emergency.  Emergency is defined only as a situation in which the:
    1. The driver requires immediate assistance to ensure the safety passengers.
    2. The driver needs to report a dangerous or life-threatening situation.
  3. Cell Phone Use: If calls are necessary, but not an emergency, the driver should pull off the road and park in a safe, well lighted location, to make the call.
  4. Speed Limit while driving VLA students:
    1. Drivers must adhere to all posted speed limits.
    2. If any driver is cited for a speeding ticket or vehicle violation, they are personally responsible for the cost of the ticket.
  5. Loading & Unloading: Students are to be loaded and unloaded from the curb side of the road.
  6. Seatbelts: Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers and driver. Two children should never be put in one seat belt.
  7. Prayer: Before leaving, the teacher/driver should pray with the students for safety.
  8. Seat Position: Students are to remain facing forward and not allowed to turn around in their seats.
  9. Doors: All doors are to be kept locked.
  10. Student Behavior: Students are to behave in a calm and orderly manner.  If behavior become unruly or disruptive to the driver, the following should occur:
    1. If another adult is in the vehicle, he/she should address the improper behavior. If no other adult is in the vehicle the driver should verbally address the improper behavior.
    2. If behavior does not change or has become disruptive to the driver, the driver should pull to the side of the road in a safe, well lighted place until students have changed their behavior and are no longer a disruption, the driver may continue on to their destination.
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