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Durant Tuition Information
Level Books and Supplies Fee** FACTS Fees Tuition Total
Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 $500 $50 $3,000 $3,550
Kindergarten – 12th grade $500 $50 $6,000 $6,550

**Books & Supply Fees along with Tuition are payable in monthly installments through the month of May through the FACTS financial management system.

Student fees cover a portion of the cost of hardback textbooks, disposable workbooks, online course fees, technology expenses, and other classroom materials essential to the education of the student. 


Refundable Fees

Of the fees, listed, ONLY tuition is refundable upon withdrawal of a student after the school year has started. Tuition will be pro-rated and refunded based upon the number of days the student attended Victory Life Academy. All other fees will be charged regardless of amount of time student attended Victory Life Academy and will not be refunded.

Available Discounts

Victory Life Academy offers the following discounts on tuition only.

Referral DISCOUNT: Enrolled students are eligible for a $500.00 referral discount if they name the individual who referred them to the school.  The individual named also receives a $500.00 discount. There is no cap on this, but the guidelines are as follows:

  1. The person referred MUST be named by a VLA student.
  2. If a parent is able to get tuition and fees fully covered by referrals, the school will not pay the parent any funds for going over the amount of tuition and fee costs. This is simply to cover school fees and tuition.

Dual Credit Discount: Any high school student paying for dual credit classes is eligible for $100 off tuition based on the number of classes they are enrolled.

Books & Supplies: Non-refundable; outstanding fee balance will be due in full upon withdrawal.

School Supplies: The lists are available at the office or online to purchase for PK-12. If extra supplies are needed, the teacher will inform the parents.



TUITION ASSISTANCE: VLA will provide scholarships on an as-needed basis and as the Lord provides. Please call the office for tuition assistance details and an application.



RETURN CHECK FEE: A fine of $25.00 will be charged for returned checks.

LATE FEE: Delinquency on outstanding balances for tuition, fundraiser amounts due, and other charges will be subject to a late fee of $25 if not brought current within 30 days.


*Discounts are in effect as long as a student is attending Victory Life Academy.  Should a child be withdrawn from the Academy prior to the end of the academic year, discounts will be pro-rated for the months of actual attendance.

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