09: Dresscode & Appearance

Updated 07/19/2022

Philosophy: To equip your child for life: in most settings, there is a standard for appropriate attire in the workplace, at social events, and at leisure. Victory Life Academy desires to equip your children for life by helping them prepare for those situations and teaching them to understand that the way people dress is a reflection of the culture of which they are a part. VLA’s standard dress code sets the stage for most day-to-day work, simple, functional, and appropriate. There will also be special events such as free dress days, formal events, and fun dress days. All attire shall be clean, modest, and appropriate for the environment.

Students who come to school without the proper attention to personal cleanliness, neatness, or dress code, will be asked to correct the situation before entering class. The goal is to solve this on site. If the staff cannot address the issue, the parents/guardians will be contacted.

***We request that in all VLA events outside of school hours that parents partner with us in upholding VLA modesty standards. (Ball games, bonfires, prom, etc.)

Dress Code

  • T-Shirts, polos, or button-down shirts that are solid black, red*, or white*.
  • VLA Spirit Wear T-Shirts. Spirit wear is a professionally designed t-shirt of any color with Victory Life Academy, VLA, VLA Eagles or Eagles.
  • Pants/Shorts/Skirts: Jeans, slacks, or khaki Hem no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Headwear: hats and hoods can’t be worn
  • Heavy coats and raincoats may be any color and must be modest and These will be removed when the student reaches their locker or classroom.
  • Footwear: Closed toe and closed heel or have a strap that secures the shoe behind the heel. All shoes must be modest and clean. Socks are required.
  • Nails – Must be kept neat and
  • Hair – Must be kept neat and clean, not covering the No unnatural or distracting hair color will be allowed.

*Spirit shirts may not be Eagles with any other school or team name.
*White t-shirts designed to be undershirts are made of a thinner material and will not be allowed.
*Any clothing that is see-through, will not be permitted. Colors and patterns of undergarments should not be visible through any white T-shirt or Athletic shorts.
*True Red only; Maroon and Pink spectrums are not acceptable.
*Brand name logos 3 inches or less are acceptable.
*Sleeveless shirts are NOT acceptable.
*No athletic shorts or pants (including joggers) outside of physical education classes.
*No clothing may be stained, soiled, have holes, or severely frayed hems.
*Shorts/Skirts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee (use a dollar bill or a hand’s width to measure).
*Hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, and jackets must meet the same above standards.
*Medical masks are welcome, but their decoration must not distract from the learning environment.
*Undergarments: Proper undergarments must be worn at all times. Undergarments must not be visible outside clothing at any time.
*No body piercing shall be allowed except ear piercing for girls.
*Jewelry and accessories should not have inappropriate emblems. They should not be a distraction in the classroom, as determined by the administration.
*No hats, caps, or sunglasses are permitted to be worn inside the buildings.
*See the Dress Code information in the Student/Parent Handbook for gender-specific information.
*All clothing is subject to administration approval. 

Modesty Standards

  1. Boys and girls should both avoid tight-fitting clothing.
  2. Unduly form-fitting or revealing clothes are never permitted.
  3. Shirts should be long enough not to expose skin with arms raised.
  4. Necklines should be as modest as possible.

Boys (Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade)

  1. No headbands except for sports.
  2. No knit-type pants.
  3. No cosmetics or nail polish.

Girls (Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade)
Note: Skirts, skorts, shorts, and jumpers can be hemmed but not shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

  1. No leggings, jeggings, or knit-type pants may be worn unless they are worn for modesty underneath the approved clothing. Hemlines must not be shorter than 3 inches above the Modesty shorts are required under skirts and jumpers.
  2. Tights or leggings under skirts are required.
  3. Make-up – Students may wear cosmetics. If worn, make-up should be applied with great modesty and only to enhance the natural Excessive or extreme make-up must be removed upon request by the VLA administration.
  4. Hair accessories such as headbands and bows may be worn
  5. Jewelry and accessories – Should not be excessive and should be modest and in good taste.
  6. Nails – Polish for nails and toenails is acceptable but must be in good taste.

Athletics/PE (7th-12th grades)

  • Shorts must be solid black, red, or white 6+ inch Sliders with an inseam of 6+ inches must accompany shorts that fit loosely around the legs.
  • Colors and patterns of undergarments should not be visible through white shorts.
  • Sweat Pants; solid red or black
  • T-Shirts: solid, black, true red, or VLA Spirit Shirt (sleeves required)

*Gym classes are coed.
*Shorts are to be longer or have sliders underneath due to the shorter shorts with wide leg openings revealing too much during conditioning and floor exercises. Even with the longer inseam, students may need to wear sliders underneath.
*Any shorts that are rolled or pulled up higher will be required to be unrolled or pulled to the appropriate length.
*Modesty and cleanliness standards still apply.
*Any students with an inappropriate dress for athletics and PE will be issued a pair of sweat pants to wear that will be returned at the end of class as well as a note sent to their guardians.

Cheer: Special uniforms are required for cheer.

  • Sliders must be worn underneath shorts
  • All shorts must have a 6+ inch inseam.
  • See the above links for appropriate dress.
  • If cheerleaders come dressed out to school they need to wear their uniform sweatpants until they arrive in their class. 

Special Day Dress: There are times during the school year when the school’s administration plans for special days when the student may wear designated clothing styles for the purpose of unity and “fun.” Examples of these might be Bible Character Day, Sweatshirt Day, Western Day, etc. Even on these days, the administration reserves the right to reject apparel which is inappropriate, (e.g., unduly form-fitting or revealing clothes are never permitted).

Dress Code Summary: All student dress will emphasize modesty. No garment shall be excessively tight or form fitting. All garments and foot wear will be clean, neat, and in good repair. No extreme styles in clothing, hair, jewelry, or make-up will be permitted regardless of the present cultural norms. Temperance is the goal of VLA’s Dress Code. The administration reserves the right to change the dress code as needed to ensure modesty and neatness.